About Us

L'Arche seeks to offer not a solution, but a sign - a sign that society, to be truly human, must be founded on welcome and respect for all people, whatever their abilities.

In L’Arche, people who have intellectual disabilities and those who come to assist share life together in homes that are integrated into local neighbourhoods.

L’Arche in Canada has nearly 200 homes and workshops or day programs. These are grouped into what L’Arche calls “communities”. There are 29 communities of L’Arche located across Canada from Cape Breton to Vancouver Island. L’Arche communities are open and welcoming of neighbours and friends and often engage in various collaborations at the local level.

Our Mission & Vision

L’Arche demonstrates that with friendship, belonging, and the opportunity to contribute their gifts, people with intellectual disabilities flourish and their lives make a difference. They take a variety of valued roles – employees, volunteers, leaders, artists, teachers, friends, and family – contributing to the lives of their families, friends and communities.

Living with difference and vulnerability is challenging, yet L’Arche demonstrates that when all people, including the most marginalized, take their place, society becomes more human – more colourful, welcoming, creative, compassionate, and joyful.

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The L'Arche Story

The L'Arche story begins in 1964 when Jean Vanier, the son of Canada's former Governor General Georges Vanier, founded the first L'Arche in France. He invited three men with disabilities to move from an institution to live with him and discovered the spiritual gifts of living with people with intellectual disabilities.

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Our Community

Our community consists of a duplex in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our homes are situated in the North End and are close to public transportation, libraries, restaurants, and gyms. There are 8 core members (persons with intellectual disabilities) who call L’Arche Halifax home, sharing life with 10 assistants and other supports. Today, about half of our assistants come from other countries.

We currently do not offer any Day Program supports.

Board of Directors

The L’Arche Halifax Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of people bringing specific knowledge, skills and commitment to the goals of the organization. It is accountable to the people it serves; core members, assistants, Department of Community Services, donors and the community.

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